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This treatment includes shaping of nails, cuticle care, followed by hand massage also with polish of your choice. Finished with the hot towel.


Classic manicure combines w/a Paraffin treatment helps to hydrate and nourish your skin and polish of your choice. Finished off the hot towel.

Deep Moisturizing $35

Classic manicure combines, enjoy the benefits of COLLAGEN GLOVES to keep skin firm, youthful and healthy. Polish of your choice and finish off the hot towel.

Milk & Honey $38

Relaxing experience that includes MILK & HONEY sugar scrub and a warm hydrating mask, followed by moisturized Butter Blend and polish of your choice. Finished off the hot towel.

Classic Gel Manicure $38

Gel Polish take off$3+

Hand gel polish change$22

French/American add-on$8

Gel add on with Manicure Services$13+


Basic Pedicure $38

Trim And Shape Toe Nails, Cuticle Cleanup, Sugar Scrub With An Extra 7 Minutes Massage With Lotion, Hot Towels Wrap And Polish Of Your Choices.
* Callus Removal is Recommended For This Pedi w/ $6.00 Extra.

Lavender Pedicure$46

This Pedicure Includes Herbal Neck Wrap To Relax A Tired Muscle. Trim And Shape Toe Nails, Cuticle Grooming, Exfoliate Sugar Scrub, Victoria Mud Mask, And Lotion With 12 Mins Fresh Orange Massage, Hot Towel Wrap And Polish Of Your Choice. We Have 3 Available Scents: Lavender, Green Tea, & Tropical Spirit.
Includes Callus Removal

Jelly Pedicure$55

This Jelly Pedicure is a perfect foot care treatment for those who experience aching and stress in their feet and muscles. This includes an Herbal Neck Wrap & Soaking your feet in fluffy jelly fluid that hydrates and exfoliates the skin. This pedicure nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes your feet for an ultimate and fun pedicure experience.Finished with a 12 Mins Fresh Orange Massage w/ Hot Towel and Nail Polish Change.
Includes Callus Removal

Golden Glimmer Pedicure$55

This Pedicure Includes Herbal Neck Wrap To Relax A Tired Muscle. The Deluxe Pedicure Features 4 Steps To Treat Your Soles With Luxury. This Service Includes A Soothing Soak, Sugar Exfoliation, Deep Cleansing Mud Masque And Hydrating Massage. Afterward Finished With WARM LEMONGRASS CANDLE Massage And A Relaxing 15 Mins Fresh Orange Massage.
Choose From 3 Different Scents: Tangerine Twist, Vitamin Recharge, Lavender Relieve, Golden Glimmer.
Includes Callus Removal

Milk & Honey Lemon$59

This Pedicure Includes Herbal Neck Wrap To Relax A Tired Muscle. Milk & Honey Pedicure Features 6 Steps. Enjoy A Soothing Soak, Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, Deep Cleaning Mudmask, Callus Softening, Hydrating With 18 Mins Fresh Orange Massage And A Light Moisturizer. Finished With 5 Mins HOT STONE MASSAGE.
Includes Callus Removal

Volcano Pedicure Spa$65

This Pedicure Includes Herbal Neck Wrap To Relax A Tired Muscle. This Pedicure Includes The Basic Parts Of Classic Pedicure. In Addition, Your Feet Are Soothed In Detox Volcano Crystals. Detox Volcano Activator Revives And Refreshes Tired Legs. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Applied To Scrub Dead Skin Away. COLLAGEN NATURAL Lotions Are Applied. Finished With 20 Mins Fresh Orange Massage And COLLAGEN SOCKS. Choose From 3 Different Scents: Lavender Eruption, Honey Pearl, Orange.
Includes Callus Removal

Herbal Pedicure$70

This Pedicure Includes Herbal Neck Wrap To Relax A Tired Muscle.This Pedicure Service Combines With Herbal, Herbal Essential Oil, Sugar Scrub, Herbal Mask, Lotion And Finished With 15 Mins Fresh Orange Massage With 5 Mins HOT STONE MASSAGE. Choose From 6 Different Scents: Lavender, Orange, Rose, Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus.


Pedi Bomb: Helps Relaxation, Improves Blood Circulation and Detoxifies Harmful Substances.
Cuticle Softener: Clears Up Dried Cuticles.
Sea Salt Scrub: Exfoliates All Skin Types.
Collagen Mask: Deep Moisturizing and Collagen Boosting to Help Rejuvenate Fine Linesand Wrinkles.
Collagen Cream: Contains Building Blocks For Elasticity Which Promotes Soft Skin and Its Radiant, Healthier Glow.

Hawaii Citrus Pedicure $75

A Deliciously Sensuous Experience Awaits You With This Refreshing Spa Experience. Let Our Wonderful Hawaii Citrus Pedi Bomb, Filled With Fresh Slices Of Combination Citrus And Relax Your Neck With A Warm Herbal Neck Wrap Which Helps To Dissolve Stress For A Tired Body And Aching Joints, While We Pamper Your Feet And Soothes Away Stress. As Your Feet And Legs Are Massaged With A Luxurious Hawaii Citrus Dead Sea Salt Scrub To Help Removes Impurity And Toxins From The Skin. A Collagen Treatment Mask Is Designed To Rejuvenate The Skin By Deeply Moisturizing And Boosting Collagen Production Which Eventually Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles. A Paraffin Dip Followed With A Hot Stone Massage And A Collagen Cream To Promote Soft Skin For A Youthful, Radiant, And Healthier Glow. A Day At Waikiki Without The Airfare! Finished With 30 Mins Fresh Orange Massage.
Includes Callus Removal

Mother Of Pearl$90

Giving By The Ocean. Relax Your Feet And Toes With Mother Of Pearl Pedicure. Soak Your Feet In Rose Petals And A Combination Of Slices Citrus. This Pedicure Will Help Relieve Muscle And Joint Pain, And Stress, Aches, And Headaches. WITH YOUR OWN 9 In 1 Spa Kit Made From 100% All-Natural Ingredients Which Help Remove Toxins, Impurities, And Harmful Substances From Your Skin. Healing Herbal Booties Melt Away The Pain, Increase Blood Circulation, And Promote Relaxation For Your Feet And Toes. A Specially Formulated Collagen Mask & Cream Will Provide Deep Moisturization To Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles. Hot Stone Massage Will Increase Blood Circulation And Penetrate Collagen Deeper Into Your Skin. Collagen Promotes Soft Skin For A More Youthful, Radiant, And Glimmer Glow. Finished With 20 Mins Fresh Orange Massage With 5 Mins HOT STONE MASSAGE.

Gel Add on with Pedicure$15+

Gel Take Off$5

Extra 10 mins Massage$15


Dipping Powder on Natural nails$45+

Dipping Powder W/ Take Off $50+

Dipping Powder W/ Tips $55+

Dipping Powder W/ Manicure $50+

Dipping Powder W/ Mani & Take off $55+

Dipping Powder W/ French Natural Nails $53+

Dipping Powder W/ French & Take off $58+

Dipping Take Off W/ Manicure Services $10


Gel X $55+

Gel X with take off $60+

Full Set Acrylic with Regular Polish$45

Acrylic Overlay $40+

Fill-in with Regular Polish$35

Full Set Acrylic with Gel Polish$55

Fill-in Acrylic with Gel Polish$45

Liquid Gel Full set $50+

Liquid Gel Fill in $35+

Powder Colors $55+

Fill in Powder 1 Color $45+

Ombre Full set $60+

Fill in Ombre 2 color $55+

Fill in Ombre 1 color $50+

GEL ADD ON for Acrylic Nail, Liquid gel $15+

GEL COLORS CHANGE on Acrylic nails $30+

Shape Add On $8+

Length Add On $10+

Long Nails Extra $25+

Acrylic Take Off $20+

Acrylic Take Off W/ Services $10+

Acrylic Full set On Feets $75+

Fill Acrylic On Feet $50+

Acrylic on 2 Big Toes Nail $20

Fill in 2 Big Toes Nail $16


Eyebrows $12+

Tinting $20+

Lip $8

Chin $12+

Neck $25+

Sideburn $15+

Whole Face $45+

Under Arms $25+

Half Arms $35+

Full Arms $50+

Whole Back $60+

Half Back $35+

Chest $45+

Full Legs $65+

Half Legs $45+

Bikini $45+

Brazilian $60+

Fingers $8

Toes $10


(9 years old & UNDER)

Manicure $15

Pedicure $30

Polish Change on Hands $10

Polish Change on Feet $12

Gel Manicure $25

Gel Pedicure $40

Gel Polish Change Hands $17

Gel Polish Change Feet $22


Regular Polish Change on Hands $12

Regular Polish Change on Feet $16

French Polish Change on Hands $20

French Polish Change on Feets $24

Gel Polish Change on Hands $22+

Gel Polish Change on Feets $27

French Gel Polish Change on Hands $30

French Gel Polish Change on Feets $35

Shiny Buffer $6

French / American Add on $8

Nail Designs Add on (depends on) $7+

Stones, Charms Add on DEPENDS ON

Cuticle Trim $5

Hand Nail Cut $10

Feets Nails Cut $15+

Nails repair $5+

Acrylic Cut Down$5

Polish Change on Artificial nail $15+

Paraffin on Hands $8

Paraffin on Feets $10

Hot Stone $10

Cat Eye Extra $10+

Chrome Nails Extra $10+

Collagen Hand or Feet Extra $10

Callus treatment with Pedicure $6

Callus treatment ONLY $25